Builds profitable swing strategies in just HOURS...

The 'Advanced Swing Strategies' is only available to Breakout Strategies Masterclass students and cannot be purchased separately as it is working with codes and principles that are explained in the Masterclass.

In the Breakout Strategies Masterclass you can learn a powerful process how to build robust and profitable breakout strategies, and we've even included time-saving tools like the 'BOS SmartCode' and the super handy 'BOS Tool' to make the most labor-intensive steps quicker and easier.  

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This is what students are saying about the Breakout Masterclass:

“I took the Masterclass in the second half of 2017 and my results have improved substantially." 

-Bruno, United States Breakout Masterclass Student’s a quite unique way in developing strategies.” 

-Patrick Dütsch, Switzerland Breakout Masterclass Student  

“...I wished I had that at the beginning of my trading adventure."

-Thomas, New Zealand Breakout Masterclass Student

I’m very, very thankful to you and Tomas, this is very good work.” 

-Maxim Schulz, 3rd place in World Cup Trading Championship 2017 Breakout Masterclass Student