As a Breakout Masterclass student, you’ve seen the framework to create intraday breakout strategies. 

It’s the same process used by Tomas Nesnidal to launch his own Hedge Fund. 

It’s a process that delivers results. However, in some specific circumstances there are a few challenges:

  • In some markets it can be difficult to build intraday strategies. Those markets don’t have enough movement during the day to overcome transaction costs and slippage,  
  • Some traders aren’t even interested in day trading strategies and want to take trades that last longer, perhaps a few days to a few weeks,  
  • Some traders prefer strategies that have a larger Average Trade than intraday strategies often provide,
  • And of course, trading different types of strategies can be great for diversification too, producing even more consistent returns while reducing drawdowns, even in “difficult markets”.

The simple (and perhaps obvious) solution to these problems is to diversify into other styles of trading. And longer-term trading like Swing strategies is an excellent option to overcoming these challenges. As you’ve probably realised, the Breakout Masterclass Smart Code can be adapted to build basic swing strategies. I have even built lots of simple swing strategies using it myself, but...  

I knew there was more to it, and I wanted MORE… 

I knew Tomas had built advanced swing strategies with his Hedge Fund, so I pushed him for MORE information. After some persistent “prodding” from me, he agreed to share his advanced swing know-how. Over a period of 3 or 4 months I took the advanced swing information from Tomas (plus the special Swing Smart Code he provided) and built MORE swing strategies, in MORE markets. And achieved some pretty good success, almost immediately. Here's a YM swing strategy I’m trading live (with real money) and you can see it's performed quite well (almost $20k of actual profits over a few months):  

I’m now trading Swing strategies in 18 different markets and working to expand into even more - especially the “difficult markets” that don’t provide enough opportunity for day trading strategies. Here are a few of the strategies I’ve built using the “Advanced Swing Strategies” knowledge from Tomas - I trade every one of these strategies LIVE, with real money (and some of these are “difficult markets” that just don’t work with intraday strategies): 

Note: All equity curves are Out Of Sample Walk Forward results

And there are more, but I’m sure you get the point. This works.  

Imagine the strategies you could build with this advanced swing knowledge. The good news is, it's time to share this advanced swing strategy knowledge with you. 

Introducing the "Advanced Swing Strategies" workshop, to create profitable swing strategies in hours, even in “difficult markets”

The “Advanced Swing Strategies” Workshop is specifically designed to complement the Breakout Masterclass. And it’s only available exclusively to Breakout Masterclass participants. 

It plugs directly into the existing Breakout Masterclass process, but there are critical differences you need to implement to successfully build advanced Swing strategies.  

Here's what you'll discover in the “Advanced Swing Strategies” workshop:

  • The structure of swing strategies and key differences you need to master to speed up your success building swing strategies,  
  • The 3 types of stop-losses you'll need for swing strategies, including the one we use the most and the stop-loss type you need to be careful of,  
  • 4 different exit types, which ones we use and how "stacking the exits" into combinations can provide great results,  
  • A proprietary exit technique that guarantees a favourable risk to reward ratio,  
  • The advanced trade management technique that can dramatically increase the efficiency of swing trades,  
  • An alternative exit technique that can reduce risk and increase performance, and works especially well with indexes,  
  • Why you need to normalise optimization ranges for stop losses and the simple trick to doing that effectively,  
  • How to safely reduce the number of optimization iterations when you have too many,  
  • And much more, including exclusive Smart Code, Tradestation walkthrough, examples, screenshots and some awesome bonuses!  

With these powerful techniques in your arsenal you can quickly…  

…Accomplish in a FEW HOURS what took Tomas YEARS to figure out…

(Plus get a diversified portfolio of 5 swing strategies that made $24,585 of profits in the last 6 months of live trading)

Look at these quick examples from trader Alan, from the USA.

"…create swing strategies within hours.."

"BTA has once again demonstrated integrity and talent with the release of their Swing Trading Course.  

Not only have they provided a portfolio of robust swing trading strategies, but they’ve also given us the tools to create swing strategies within hours (see crude oil example below)."

"Furthermore, the concepts of Better Trader Academy that Tomas and Andrew share allowed me to develop unique strategies and portfolios beyond what I’d been able to accomplish in the last 10 years (see Coffee SINGLE RULE in a larger portfolio)."  

- Al (USA)

And many other students are achieving similar results. So, what’s included in the program? 

When you join the “Advanced Swing Strategies” program, you get:

  • A 100% online trading program, taking you from introduction right through to implementation, including:  
  • Downloadable MP3 audio, transcripts and slides for every lesson,  
  • Handy cheat sheets to accelerate your progress

Plus, you'll also get access to these 8 exclusive bonuses...

When you join the "Advanced Swing Strategies" workshop you also get access to these 8 exclusive bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: "Advanced Swing Strategies" Smart Code
  • Bonus #2: "How to reduce drawdowns in Swing strategies" coaching call 
  • Bonus #3: Swing Strategy 1 - Gold (GC)
  • Bonus #4: Swing Strategy 2 - Emini S&P 500 (ES)
  • Bonus #5: Swing Strategy 3 - Emini Dow Jones (YM)
  • Bonus #6: Swing Strategy 4 - Natural Gas (NG)
  • Bonus #7: Swing Strategy 5 - Soybeans (S)
  • Bonus #8: Video training series: "Tips for building swing strategies in specific markets"  

Important Strategy Note: All bonus strategies have passed Robustness Level 3 according to the Breakout Masterclass process, however there is no guarantee they will continue to perform in the future. The strategies have been provided for educational purposes only, and you are free to apply them to your own personal trading in any way you like. You are not permitted to resell them, rent/lease them, sell the trade signals or share the strategy rules with any other parties. If you have any queries regarding the application of these strategies, please contact Better Trader Academy for support. Also, please keep in mind that "past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results."

"...loaded with priceless tips, techniques, deep research, and expert wisdom..."

"Tomas and Andrew did it again! Another game-changing training program loaded with priceless tips, techniques, deep research, and expert wisdom. The smart code and bonus material provided, especially the robust trading strategies, are excellent accelerators into swing trading. I’m also blown away by the collaboration from BTA students in the betterment of this program (thank you Al!).  

THANK YOU Tomas and Andrew, you’re making a huge difference!!!"  

- Joss (USA)

Here are some more details on the 8 exclusive bonuses included in the "Advanced Swing Strategies" workshop.

FREE Bonus #1: "Advanced Swing" Smart Code ($1000 USD value) 

The Advanced SWING Smart Code builds on the Breakout Masterclass Smart Code but includes a stack of additional functions specific to building Swing strategies.

Here's what’s extra in the "Advanced Swing" version of the Smart Code:  

FREE Bonus #2: "How to reduce drawdowns in Swing strategies" coaching call ($800 USD value)

One of the biggest concerns for swing traders is the size of the drawdowns, which are often larger than daytrading strategies. 

Luckily, there are several effective techniques you can use to safely create swing strategies with smaller drawdowns, without curve fitting. 

In this practical coaching call we share 7 tips you can use to reduce drawdowns in your Swing strategies.

FREE Bonus #3: Swing Strategy 1 - Gold (GC) ($1000 USD value)

This Robustness Level 3 strategy in the Gold market was specially selected because it demonstrates a special technique you can use in some markets to reduce gaps AND also increase performance. (All results are OOS Walk Forward results).

FREE Bonus #4: Swing Strategy 2 - Emini S&P 500 (ES) ($1000 USD value) 

Don't let this RL3 'Long only' ES strategy fool you, because it also works in a downtrend too. This strategy was selected to demonstrate that you can build strategies with a larger average trade, in this case > $580 per trade (ex costs). (All results are OOS Walk Forward results).

FREE Bonus #5: Swing Strategy 3 - Emini Dow Jones (YM) ($1000 USD value) 

This bonus swing strategy is a Robustness Level 3 strategy which takes both Long or Short positions and uses a new POI technique only available in the Swing Smart Code. The strategy also uses stop loss reduction techniques and multiple exits. (All results are OOS Walk Forward results).

FREE Bonus #6: Swing Strategy 4 - Natural Gas (NG) ($1000 USD value) 

This Robustness Level 3 Natural Gas strategy has an average trade of around $220 (ex costs). It also uses a proprietary exit technique Tomas will only share in the Advanced Swing workshop. (All results are OOS Walk Forward results).

Note: Because recent performance in this strategy has been flat, we decided to include an additional bonus strategy in the portfolio. Check out the Soybeans strategy below.

FREE Bonus #7: Swing Strategy 5 - Soybeans (S) ($1000 USD value) 

Initially, we were only planning to include 4 bonus swing strategies, but because the NG strategy performance was a bit flat leading up to the initial Advanced Swing Strategies workshop in Feb 2019, and it wasn't clear if the NG strategy was broken or just taking a breather, we included this Soybeans strategy too... And it's done quite well since it was released!

Combined portfolio of Bonus Strategies 1-5

The real power of these strategies comes when you combine them all into a portfolio. Here are the performance results and equity curve when combining the OOS WalkForward trades from all 5 bonus strategies:

Combined portfolio of Bonus Strategies 1-5

Click on the equity curve to enlarge it

"The sample strategies are worth the price of the course alone!"

"I started and completed the Swing Ad-On course less than 1 month ago, and I have already discovered several viable robust strategies in fixed income markets. The sample strategies included in the bonus materials are worth the price of the course alone!"  

- Brian (USA)

FREE Bonus #8: Video training series - "Tips for building swing strategies in specific markets" ($1000 USD value) 

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a crystal ball that told you what worked in a specific market BEFORE you started developing strategies for that market?  

Well you don’t need to, because we’ve done all the hard work for you! 

In the Advanced Swing Strategies Workshop, you can access our best tips and research for 9 markets (with more coming in the future) to fast-track your results, including Coffee, Copper, Euro, Gold, Japanese Yen, Silver, Sugar, T-Notes, and Wheat. How good is the research? Here’s a comment from Advanced Swing Workshop participant Alan, just 2 days after he received our research on the Coffee market:

"VERY NICE results!"

"While on Spring Break with the kids I've had my laptop running your parameters for Coffee. VERY NICE results!" 

- Alan, USA  

That’s a total value of $7,800!

But don’t worry… you’re not going to invest anywhere NEAR that.

Tomas has crammed years of research and LIVE swing trading experience into this course. And he’s providing at least 100 times more value than what you’re going to invest. These are the same techniques Tomas personally uses in his Hedge Fund, managing millions of dollars for his private European investors.  

And many other ‘Advanced Swing’ students (including me) are reporting great results applying these techniques to their own strategies.  

So, put simply…  

These techniques work.  

And they’re available to you right now, you can start today.

For a limited time, you can access “Advanced Swing Strategies” PLUS the 8 exclusive bonuses, for just $1497 USD 

(total value =$7,800 USD, that’s 81% OFF)

Here's everything you get when you join TODAY:

Take advantage of the “you get our best” guarantee

From the start of the first module, you’ll be getting our very best info. This is highly valuable content, including proprietary code and exclusive Hedge Fund know-how.  

As a result, we can’t offer the usual “try the 1st two modules to see if you like it” money-back guarantee, and all sales are final.  

However, we CAN guarantee you get all our best efforts and know-how in this course, and it delivers as promised.  

We’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with the program and the results you can achieve!  

Here’s how you can start adding “Advanced Swing Strategies” to your trading portfolio today, PLUS get 8 bonuses (worth $7800)

Just click the button below and fill out your details. 

As soon as you reserve your place in the program, you’ll receive email confirmation (within 5-10 minutes) and will be granted immediate access to the “Advanced Swing Strategies” add-on program in the BTA dashboard.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly support staff at  


“Very intuitive and easy to implement.”

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