Smoother and more responsive indicator

Market gaps can punish traders.

They can distort charts and indicators, producing skewed/misleading data, erratic indicator behavior, and inaccurate trade signals.

The probability of gaps happening is almost CERTAIN, however most traders do nothing to mitigate this risk - because they simply do not know HOW!

Fortunately, that's exactly what you’re going to discover in this issue of “The Empowered Trader Club”, exploring the powerful “mind the gap” technique we’re going to share with you!

Plus, you'll also discover:

• How the “Mind the gap” technique will help you to reduce late or false trading signals, and produce smoother and more responsive indicators,

• A thorough explanation of the “Mind the gap” technique, with practical charts and examples,

• Example TradeStation code for the “Mind the gap” technique so you can start using it in your own trading immediately,

• Bonus “mind the gap” technique walkthrough video,

• And much more.

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