3 exit secrets to achieve “big money energy”

Ever heard of the phrase "reinvent yourself”?

To launch my own hedge fund, I had to REINVENT my way of thinking about money. About portfolios. About risk management. And even about responsibility.

In fact, just recently I had to reinvent how I think about TRADING EXITS too, so over the last few months, my Hedge Fund team has been doing extensive research across thousands of trading strategies, to determine what exits work best.

To be honest, I was shocked with what they found. Some of the results were completely unexpected, and what I realized was…

...reinventing your thinking about trading EXITS is actually where MUCH MORE money can be made.

This research revealed a totally new direction for our Hedge Fund to extract MORE money from the markets!

In this issue of "The Empowered Trader Club", I share the major results of that research, including 3 "Big Money Exits" traders can use to extract more profits from the markets today.

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DISCLAIMER: Trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. People can and do lose money. Hypothetical results have many inherent limitations. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  

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